Vocal Play
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Vocal Play

Vocal Play

보컬플레이 (2018)

Genre: Kshow, Game-Show, Comedy, Fantasy, Music
Aktor: No Hong-chul, Oh Sang-jin, Yoon Sang, Yoon Il-sang, Sweet Sorrow, Muzie
Direktur: Tidak dikenal
Jaringan: ChannelA
Juga Dikenal Sebagai: Vocal Play
Durasi: 90 menit per ep
Klasifikasi: Acara TV
Negara: Korean
Dirilis: 2018
Episode: 50 Ep
Human's voice is the greatest instrument God's made. Vocal Play starts a journey the best who uses his or her voice in a beautiful way. A cappella performers, K-pop idols, rappers, and beatboxers... Some are beginners who are ready to enjoy a capella, and others are fanatics who fall in love with the magic of voice. Each week, sixteen teams perform in front of 100 judges. With help from the prolific producers of the music industry, each of them brings the out-of-the-box performances that will definitely blow your mind. Who will get to the top in the end? Vocal Play is an a capella competition show, hosted by Roh Hong-chul and Oh Sang-jin, and featuring the best producers in the K-pop - Yoon Sang, Yoon Il-sang, Sweet Sorrow and Muzie.
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